The Swamp

Dearly Beloved,
We are gathered here today to remember
                     The Swamp
Red, blue, purple, and orange sky
Evil sky where the demons fly

Carmen and Maria’s tio had drove home all fucked up again and his bumper clipped the fence. He stumbled in from out the trokita and admonished us,
                     “Enter through the warrior gate!
                     For wide […]

True Love

Filled with despair, anger, and sorrow – my eyes roll back in my head in dread of tomorrow –
My life and the pain in my heart is unbearable – will the irony of my life be told as a parable? –
Is my destiny dungeons, despair in these jails? – all of my love paid back […]

Time Harvest Rights

Damn!Them fools got me again!Que jodido!Wrapping your mind around the totality of a gangster mentality shouldn’t be such aformidable task, right?So why all the bullshit?In the next time, after this time, when the scales are recalibratedshould I really still be here?well,I guess that depends on according to whom.but thank God for irony.Chicano.ChicanismoTribal warrior from amongst […]

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