True Love

Filled with despair, anger, and sorrow – my eyes roll back in my head in dread of tomorrow –Mary
My life and the pain in my heart is unbearable – will the irony of my life be told as a parable? –
Is my destiny dungeons, despair in these jails? – all of my love paid back with betrayals? –
In search of some comfort, I give up my strength – even those closest I keep at arm’s length –
I’m gasping for air, then I hold in my breath – the comfort of death is all I have left –
Is reality real? or am I insane? – if my heart didn’t feel, I’d feel no pain –
But I couldn’t complain if you asked me “what’s wrong?” – if my words show no weakness you’d think I was strong –

So I just reply that I wish I was high – the needle a crutch which I’ve come to rely –
I guess this just makes me another tecato – beating down gastos and treating fools gasho –
But that’s just a side effect of my depression – they don’t respect love but they fear my aggression-
And that’s a hard lesson I wish never learned – joints get burned, and pages get turned –
And still my heart yearns for some consolation – if not salvation, eternal damnation –

God, if you would, show love and deliver me – give me the strength for this life that you’ve given me –
Now I have nothing, so give me the world – or at least set me free back with my baby girl –
Be with my loved ones, give my soul peace – not in the pinta or lost in the streets –
Give me that home that that I’ve never known – give me true love or leave me alone –