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The Free Spook Mixtape

Free Spook Mixtape

Welcome to the Free Spook Mixtape in Progress Project.  Making music from a Level IV prison has been a complicated logistical nightmare, but with dedication and skills from the homie Kaos, we do the damn thing. Moral judgments and affected positivity are not part of this. He makes the hip hop he grew up on. This music is the result of hope, but playing the part is not his thing.

So far this has been assisted by artists such as Kaos, Asliani, DJ Wae Fonkay and Government Cheese (etc., as this thing is building).

Money from every song gets divided between legal fees and making the next song. When he reaches sixteen the album will be released on iTunes. So if you don’t buy his tape no one will ever hear what he could do. So this is kind of on  you, too.

How to Buy Spook’s Music: To buy a track, click on “buy” next to the name of the song, and you will be taken to Spook’s bandcamp page, where you can name a price for the track. Then checkout using a credit card or your paypal account and you’re done! Don’t forget to share!

Note that the money you spend on his music is also shared by the bandcamp service. If you want more of your money to go to Spook you can donate to from the Support Spook page.

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