HU 1-A

When 4-6-6-8-9
Get a snare, kit drum, and a baseline
I spit a great rhyme like a cobra spit
And I know that in a moment you’ll be quotin’ this
Explosiveness, I’m a Hip Hopper’s Hip Hopper
You do not know the block I’m a chip off’a
I give props to Kid Frost ‘n Big Poppa
But you call me a biter and I will kick drop ya
I mean I’ll drop kick ya, because I’m toxicer
Meaning much more than toxic and a lot sicker
Than the hepatitis strain that will jaundice you
You can’t bleach me, cannot beseech me
I’m a different breed, another species
I make ‘em put down mics and consider squeegees
I just do unto others before they do to me
They got me even more the same than I used to be.

I’m a suh-viver, and a thug-lifer
I’m from the Varrio homes, my car was primered
Not a short timer, I’m a no sunshiner
Cause a couple of unprofessional one timers
Crazy fact, I betcha I could say this rap
If you don’t even know my story still relate to that
But I’ma make you kick back, three flowers
Level six, every week, only three showers
They want the funk, so funk is what you get
Either that or stay up on my bunk and don’t do nuthin’ but regret
That I don’t work for the one percent
I was state raised, since before the eighth grade
So I can’t do math, but I can play spades
And me and Baby Bash been up on the same stage
I’m just sayin’

Name your best emcee, I maintain with them
I been rappin’ since Cesar Chavez was Stadium
I’m from the nineties, “Insane in the Brain” again
Got enough bars that I could open up the Main again
Don’t play with him, ask me to rhyme and I will
Spit my very first rhyme over “Time to Get Ill”
You know the end of the song? When just the beat go
I spit a free flow, and got an ego
Twenty six years later the same estilo
It’s all me, I promise, it’s all me bro
I would rap on the farm and let the sheep know
And the gallo, chivo, y perico.
HU 1-A, HU 1-A
HU 1-A…