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“Fifteen years ago I got Life in prison for the consequences of my choice to save a life. Help me get a new trial.”Read The Full Statement

A 43-year Sentence

Michael “Esé Spook” Armendariz was incarcerated in 2002 in the state of New Mexico for defending himself against attack by off-duty, intoxicated police and correctional officers. The State tampered with and excluded evidence, incarcerated and intimidated eyewitnesses, and saddled Michael with an incompetent public defender. A farcical trial concluded with Michael sentenced to life plus thirteen years, a 43-year prison sentence for defending his life and the lives of his friends.

The FreeSpook Movement is raising funds to help Michael hire legal counsel for a habeas corpus and fight for his freedom.

“Obviously ‘Free Spook’ isn’t a plea for mercy; my government name would work so much better for that. It isn’t a show of disrespect either though some people may take it that way. It is a call for justice.” – Esé SpookRead More

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Esé Spook speaks from the inside.

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